vegetables of late winter


Having failed, again, to sow seeds sufficiently early in the summer, we’ve had another tardy winter harvest. But after a long wait we are now dining on rainbow chard, a vision in red, pink, orange, green and gold, beetroot, two kinds of broccoli, self-sown wild rocket, kale, mizuna, coriander and lettuce. The less said about the carrots the better, and the few sugar snap peas that actually germinated have yet to flower.


The grooviest vegetable in our late winter vegetable patch is the purple sprouting broccoli. It is delicious, nutritious and highly ornamental, so pretty in fact it would almost be a shame to pick it if it weren’t for the fact that it appears to send out more purple shoots every time I go back inside with a harvested bunch.


In other brassica news, purple mizuna has been adding a nice hot mustard hit to our winter salads, and cavolo nero is still my favourite kind of kale.

Up next:  broad beans ‘acquadulce’. Can’t wait to eat these spring treasures. Their black and white flowers are opening now so it won’t be long…