garden design


When I’m not pottering in my own garden I design outdoor spaces for other people too. What kind of garden would you like? An easily maintained space that is lovely to look at and live in, a productive permaculture garden overflowing with organic fruit, vegetables and flowers, or something in between? I can help you create a garden that meets your needs and is beautiful and sustainable.


You can book a 90 minute consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve in your garden and how to get there. I will assess your site in terms of its soil, orientation to sunlight, prevailing winds and the availability of water. I can answer general gardening and horticultural questions you may have, help you solve problems and offer advice on plant selection.


If you need further help I can draw up a concept design for your outdoor space. Or take it to the next level with comprehensive planting plans.

I also offer support with translating the design into reality, including assistance with engaging landscape contractors, help and advice on soil preparation and irrigation as well as sourcing plants.


I can help you plant out your garden and provide you with seasonal garden care plans and I’m always happy to pop back for a visit.

Rates upon enquiry.