Queenly blossom


Some of the earliest blossoms in the garden appear on the little quince tree we planted two winters ago. The blossoms are understated and exquisite. They arrive after the silvery leaves have unfurled, so you get a lovely combination of soft green leaves, baby pink buds and white blossoms delicately veined with pink.


The large bowl shaped blossoms are borne singly, each perfect flower opening on top of a nest of downy leaves.

img_4270The cultivar is Van Deman, an heirloom variety I planted because its fruit is reputed to have no grit and will therefore supply no pretext for some of the fussier members of my family to refuse to eat it. For the first time the little tree is now covered with furry baby fruits. If I can protect them from codling moth, pear and cherry slug and marauding bands of cockatoos, in April we will be eating manchego with membrillo…